To start using TUMail

Flow to start using

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1. Login to TUMail On Campus Off campus
  1.1 Confirm information for login
  1.2 Initial login

2. Account-related settings
  2.1 Security enhancement
  2.2 Register recovery contacts in advance

3. Set up TUMail
  3.1 Signature setting
  3.2 Labels settings
  3.3 How to set other address as sender

4. Mail forwarding setting
  4.1 TUMail to other mail forwarding setting

5. Spam related settings
  5.1 How to move email from spam to inbox
  5.2 How to prevent non-spam mail from being filtered as spam

6. Mail forwarding setting after a termination On Campus Off campus

(If you use webmail)
 Get used to Gmail operations
  Please refer to Gmail Help

(If you use email client)
 Setting for using email client
  →Gmail setting
    How to Set Gmail for using email client
     [IMAP]Gmail Help:Check Gmail through other email platforms
     [POP] Gmail Help:Read Gmail messages on other email clients using POP
     *Please note that access to less secure apps will be disabled on February 16th 2021.
     Less secure app turn-off suspended until further notice.
      Turning off less secure app access to Google Workspace accounts
  →Email client setting
    Please refer to the help site of each mail software.

Mailing list
 ・How to make manage mailing lists(New UI)
 ・How to use mailing lists(New UI)

 TUMail mailing list application form (Japanese Only)

 Please refer to Guidelines for rules on mailing lists.

How to use Google Workspace

 ・Google Workspace Learning Center
  ・Get started with Gmail
  ・Get started with Drive
  ・Get started with Calendar

 ・Teacher Center

 ・Shareing flies in Google Drive(On campus)
 ・Sharing in Google calendar(On campus)