Regular Childcare

We are always seeking parents who wish to enroll their children at the kindergartens.
When a vacancy arises, we will select which children to enroll.
Even if the requested age group is full, we will register your children, put them on a standby list, and check when a vacancy arises, so do please contact us.

Kawauchi Keyaki Nursery School will change from being a non-registered childcare facility to an on-site Sendai City municipal-level childcare facility from April 2022 (operating at a municipal level).
Children who enter the nursery school during the 2021 fiscal year will remain enrolled until March 31, 2022. From the 2022 fiscal year, children aged 0 to 2 will be in the classes for children up to 2 years of age.
Enrollment is open to healthy preschool children two months and older of Tohoku University employees and students who are deemed to require childcare assistance due to the nature of their jobs/studies. Applications are not taken for unborn children.
Please apply by the first day of the month prior to the month in which you wish your child to begin attending.
Application Procedure
Please use the appropriate Google Form.
If you are on campus, please log in using your university account.
★Click here if you wish to enroll your child in December ⇒
★Click here if you wish to enroll your child in January ⇒
★Click here if you wish to enroll your child in February ⇒
★Click here if you wish to enroll your child in March ⇒

Application package
①Application form (Form 1, attached)  (PDF / Word)
②Documents to confirm that childcare is required (both parents are required to submit individual documentation.)
●Employees only
 1.Proof of Applicant/Spouse Employment (PDF/Word)
 Tohoku University employees without fixed terms do not need to submit this form, but Tohoku University fixed-term employees, part-time employees, and research fellows need to provide a photocopy of their Notice of Working Conditions.
●Students (parents who commute to the university, graduate schools, etc.)
 1.Proof of Enrollment
 ※Attach materials such as your daily schedule/curriculum
 2.Certification for support (see below)
●For those on scholarships etc.
 1.Notice of receipt of scholarship
 2.Proof of acceptance by a laboratory (PDF / Word)
 3.Certification for support (see below)
③Applicants on maternity/childcare leave only: Document listing the date of return to work (not needed if already listed on Proof of Employment)
※If you return from childcare leave early, please attach proof to certify this fact.
④Photocopy of record of child’s health checkup results (e.g., child’s most recent checkup page of mother-child health record book)
⑤Copy of the child’s health insurance card
⑥About Certification for Support
If you are not employed by the university (you are a graduate student, JSPS scholarship, etc.), or if your spouse is seeking employment, it is necessary for you to obtain a certificate of proof of this status from your local ward office in Sendai City. (Sendai City website:

※If you have not yet begun your term of employment, please attach documentation to prove the receipt of a job offer.
※Applicants may also be asked to submit additional documentation
※Please note that the submission documents will not be returned.
※The submission documents will not be used any purpose other than the selection of children and the management of our nursery school.

Temporary Childcare

Send the Temporary Childcare Application to the Human Resources and Planning Divisio (hoiku★; replace the ★ with @). The coordinator will contact you after checking the nursery’s availability. If an emergency, please consult with the Human Resources and Planning Division.
Please note that requests sometimes cannot be accommodated due to special events, limited staffing, or other circumstances.
Preschool children five months and older under the care of Tohoku University employees and students, who require nursery care due to an urgent situation affecting a parent/guardian (in-patient/out-patient medical care, participation in an academic conference, etc.) that is approved by the nursery program manager. This service requires a reservation.
Application package
①Temporary Childcare Application (Form 3, attached)
 (PDF / Word)
②Copy of the child’s health insurance card
Applicants may also be asked to submit additional documentation.
2 week before day of use
Following approval of the application, the nursery will contact you to arrange a pre-meeting.

Extended-hours Childcare (send toHuman Resources and Planning Division via the nursery)

Current users of regular childcare service at the on-campus nurseries
Application package
Extended-hours Childcare Application (Form 4)
( Keyaki PDF / Keyaki Word)
( Midori PDF / Midori Word)
Kawauchi Keyaki Nursery school: 2 weeks before day of use
Aobayama Midori Nursery school: 25th of month preceding month of use

Other Forms (send to Human Resources and Planning Division via the nursery)

Form Deadline
Notice of Change in Family Situation (Form 5)
(PDF / Word)
As soon as possible
  • Notice of Disenrollment (Form 6),
    (PDF / Word)
  • Notice of Leave (Form 7)
    (PDF / Word)
One month in advance
Notice of Return (Form 8)
(PDF / Word)
Two weeks before return
Application for Continued Enrollment (during childcare leave)
(PDF / Word)
One month in advance

Academic Conference Childcare Service

Kawauchi Keyaki Nursery school, located on Kawauchi Campus, offers limited childcare services for participants in academic conferences that are managed by secretariats based at Tohoku University. Each secretariat makes a group application and handles the individual applications of participants needing service. The nursery may not be able to serve some requests due to special events and limited staffing, so please read the Service Guide and consult with the Human Resources and Planning Division (hoiku★; replace ★ with @) in advance.
①Group Application for Conference Childcare Service
 (PDF / Word)
②Temporary Childcare Application for Conference Participants
 (PDF / Word)
③Health Profile (for children under 1)
 (PDF / Word)
 Health Profile (for children aged 1?5)
 (PDF / Word)
④Dietary Profile (for children under 1 or still on baby food)
 (PDF / Word)
⑤Copy of child’s health insurance card
Applicants may also be asked to submit additional documentation.
If the group application is approved, a letter of acceptance will be sent to the secretariat. The secretariat is asked to send a notice on this to the conference participants requesting childcare service. The nursery will contact the users to discuss their child’s information.