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1 Mission Statement
3 Our Path Toward Becoming a World-Class University
Tohoku University News and Events (April 2009-July 2010)
Inoue Plan 2007 (Revised for 2010)

〈Recent Research Topics〉
5 Fighting infectious diseases through field researches to save the
children of the world-Prof. Hitoshi Oshitani
6 Reconstruction of social sciences from a gender perspective
-Prof. Miyoko Tsujimura
7 Policy issues on the social dimension of engineering and technologies
-Prof. Yuko Harayama
8 A key to elucidating the mechanism of atherogenesis
-Prof. Masaaki Sato
9 Elucidating the culture of human beings in the Ice Age from
stone tools
-Prof. Kaoru Akoshima
10 Mysterious plants that do not travel but stay put
-Prof. Masao Watanabe
11 Electronic Doctor's Bag: A mobile communications system for
home-visit medical services
-Prof. Makoto Yoshizawa
12 Revealing an "unknown interaction of molecules"
-Prof. Kazue Kurihara
13 Award Winners 2009 (August 2009-July 2010)

15 Environment/Organization/Management
17 Educational Excellence
19 Student Activities
21 Industry-Academia Collaboration
23 International Exchange Programs
25 Contribution to Society and Gender Equality
27 Tohoku University Shuyukai
29 Campus Environment
31 Divisional Major Achievement(FY2009)

〈Overview of Tohoku University〉
33 Data and Overview
Location of Tohoku University

※This Annual Review 2010 covers activities conducted from April 2009 to July 2010.
※Personal information of those who are in this Annual Review including affiliation, position,and age is not current.