"From the Campus to the City of the Future - A Symposium on the Super City Concept" was held
On Saturday, June 12, 2021, the City of Sendai and Tohoku University held From the Campus to the City of the Future - A Symposium on the Super City Concept" by online.
仙台市×東北大学 スーパーシティ構想シンポジウム -キャンパスから未来都市が拡がる-を開催しました。
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On April 16, 2021, Sendai City, in cooperation with Tohoku University, which has advanced technology, compiled the "Sendai City x Tohoku University Super City Concept" and applied for the Super City type The National Strategic Special Zones, for which the Government was inviting proposals.
The Super City is intended to be a "whole city of the future" that will implement bold regulatory and institutional reforms, as well as take the lead in realizing future lifestyles through data collaboration in multiple fields and the provision of cutting-edge services.
In the midst of fears of a rapid population decline and the concentration of population in Tokyo in the future, we will make use of the Super City type National Strategic Special Zone system as one of the measures to achieve sustainable economic growth in Sendai.

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仙台市×東北大学スーパーシティ構想~キャンパスから未来都市が拡がる~(Open PDF)
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仙台特区(Link to the Sendai City homepage)
スーパーシティ型国家戦略特区に関する提案募集に応募しました(Link to the Sendai City homepage)
仙台市×東北大学スーパーシティ構想準備検討会を開催しました(Link to the Sendai City homepage)

Role of Tohoku University

Tohoku University’s Aobayama Campus will be the origin for a new Smart City concept. We will use the university’s knowledge in research and technology to create innovative models and improved business opportunities toward a sustainable, green and resilient future. The Science Park on campus will serve as a hub for community co-creation and university-launched ventures, where people can freely contribute in their own way to develop new social values and share ideas toward a better life for everybody. Subsequent to a successful implementation of these new ideas on Aobayama Campus, demonstrated Smart City concepts will be expanded to each of Tohoku University’s campuses within Sendai City, before finally being provided as viable improvements and innovations for people in the communities.
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