About the Super City Initiative

The “Super City Initiative” aims to showcase a better society and lifestyle in special, designated areas of Japan.
With that goal in mind, Sendai City and Tohoku University are currently drafting proposals which utilize the University's world-leading research capabilities, international resources, and long history of achievements related to state-of-the-art technology as well as the huge amount of stored data.
※ The Super City Initiative aims to realize a future society of the year 2030 with the participation of residents and members of the wider communities.
①Provide next-generation services to improve life in the communities.
②Combine and analyze data of various fields to solve seemingly unrelated problems, improving everyday life.
③Reform regulations and restrictions for a more innovative environment.

Role of Tohoku University

Tohoku University’s Aobayama Campus will be the origin for a new Smart City concept. We will use the university’s knowledge in research and technology to create innovative models and improved business opportunities toward a sustainable, green and resilient future. The Science Park on campus will serve as a hub for community co-creation and university-launched ventures, where people can freely contribute in their own way to develop new social values and share ideas toward a better life for everybody. Subsequent to a successful implementation of these new ideas on Aobayama Campus, demonstrated Smart City concepts will be expanded to each of Tohoku University’s campuses within Sendai City, before finally being provided as viable improvements and innovations for people in the communities.
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