Looking for ideas and opinions to improve the Super City concept

About your ideas and opinions

Prior to proposing the Super City to the Cabinet Office, we asked for ideas and opinions on what we would like to achieve with the Super City concept.

Collection Period:From March 16 (Tue.), 2021, to 17:30 March 31 (Wed.), 2021.

Number of submissions received:Total: 174 cases(Within, 122 cases of Tohoku University faculty, 40 cases of Tohoku University student,and 12 cases of ordinary people)

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Summary of Ideas and Opinions

Submit ideas/opinions

The call for ideas and opinions on the Super City concept for application proposals has been closed.
Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions.
We are always looking for more ideas and opinions.

Details for public comments

Please describe the services you want to receive, new ideas or important regulation reforms which will improve your life.

Expected residents

・Students, business people who participate in research and lectures as well as faculty and staff, etc. of Tohoku University

How to take part

Click here if you would like to make a proposal.

※Please note:
①You can make as many proposals as you wish.
②The ideas may be used as a reference for future project proposals to be submitted to the government. However, we will not be able to answer your submissions individually.
③Please note that we may compile your comments and publish them at a later date.
④Any personal information you provide will be managed appropriately in accordance with Tohoku University's Personal Information Protection Regulations.
⑤Personal information such as names will not be disclosed.
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Submitted summary documents
仙台市×東北大学スーパーシティ構想~キャンパスから未来都市が拡がる~(Open PDF)
仙台市×東北大学スーパーシティ構想 再提案書(Open PDF)

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