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Kenichi is the winner!
Profile of Kenichi.

Designer: MAMIKO YAMAZAKI(School of Medicine)

Kenichi derives his name from one of Tohoku University’s founding principals: “kenkyu-daiichi,” or “research first.” A fairy who has been around since Tohoku University’s foundation, Kenichi normally watches over the students from deep in the forest in Aobayama. But as the university is celebrating its 115th anniversary, Kenichi decided to come onto campus and join the students in the laboratory for the first time. Kenichi has a bush clover (a symbol of Tohoku University) growing on its head. Negative ions cover Kenichi’s body, meaning it can spread feelings of happiness and relaxation, much like the peace and calm nature brings. Like students, Kenichi carries a bag that contains a variety of social and scientific items, which can support the development of the university.


Public Relations Office, General Affairs and Planning Department