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Aoba-kun is a Japanese fox from the Tohoku mountains. It is a natural leader and loves to engage the students in University activities. It also loves to share the University news in all of the Tohoku University Campuses and to participate in special events such as the 115th anniversary of Tohoku University. Inspired by Tohoku University`s open doors policy, Its hobby is to learn as many new languages as it can and also to meet new cultures from all around the world. Its favorite food is Zunda Shake and Melon Pan.


Syuto was born in Aobayama and is a baby rabbit. Syuto is small but is very reliable due to having a serious character. However, sometimes, Syuto makes cute mistakes due to having a natural character. Hobbies are astronomical observation, reading, and exercising outdoors. Syuto loves to wear a handmade cloak that imitates a petal of bush clover (Hagi) and haori/hakama which represents a Bankara style but has recently been challenging a variety of new fashion styles with the help of trendy university students. Syuto enjoys everyday life at Tohoku University which is filled with new findings from meeting various people, animals, and plants.

Kuro-sensei and Ume-chan

Kuro Sensei is a professor at Tohoku University. Her student is Ume-Chan. Kuro sensei is a bear, and lives in between Kawauchi and Aobayama Campus. She loves coffee and is always seen with a Tohoku University Mug. Since its cold she often wears a scarf. Ume-Chan admires Kuro sensei's research and wants to be like her, but often daydreams in class, so Kuro sensei often helps Ume Chan in her free time.


Hagigon has been living quietly in Aobayama for a long time but appeared this time because of not being able to resist the temptation to have fun with Tohoku University students. Hagigon is energetic, and highly expressive and loves to walk around the spacious campus of Tohoku University with Hagigon’s favorite sneakers. To promote the attractiveness of the rich creativity, originality, and diversity of Tohoku University, Hagigon uses a magical megaphone, which emits bush clover leaves which are colored using the six official sub-colors of the university logo.


Tombo is a baby boar that was born between boars that live at Tohoku University. Tombo has a mischievous character and while playing around on campus, one of the tusks had broken off and the other became somewhat like the shape of the crescent moon on the helmet which Date Masamune wore. Furthermore, Tombo got caught in a bush clover while playing one day, and since then the blush clover has become like a sash on Tombo. Tombo’s favorite is Zunda-mochi.

Yuni and Annie

Yuni and Annie are twin cubs who live in the Tohoku Univerity Botanical Gardens. They like to sometimes appear on campus and surprise everyone. Recently they have selected their favorite character costume and item to join in celebrating the anniversary of Tohoku University.

Doctor Hagiton

-Personality: Has a big desire to search for things and is a foodie.
-Favorites: Custard-in Melon pan which is sold at the Tohoku Univerity Co-op.
-History: One day a thunderbolt suddenly fell upon a professor who was eating a custard-in-melon pan. Fortunately, the professor did not suffer any injuries but surprisingly, the professor and the melon pan merged. Doctor Haginton was at first surprised by the appearance but now likes it, due to gaining popularity among students. -Relationship with Tohoku University: Besides research and educational activities, Doctor Haginton has been called upon many events to be present as a mascot character.


Tonpooh is a small hand-size pig fairy that was named after Tonpei by the committee members of the university anniversary, after being found while reading books at the Tohoku University library. Tonpooh has been living on campus being fond of the rich green environment and how various people gather at the university. Tonpooh is light and can fly anywhere like a balloon and loves to travel around the world. Tonpooh is friends with the boars of Aobayama.
-Personality: My paced and full of curiosity
-Likes: Reading and traveling
-Favorite food: Mochi (especially Zunda-mochi)


Haginozuku is a variant of Aobazuku (northern boobook) which lives in Aobayama. The color of Hainozuku’s feathers has changed to the university color after being deeply familiar with Tohoku University. Loves the library and has extensive knowledge of the university.


Kenichi is a fairy that has been present dating back from the time of the establishment of Tohoku University. Kenichi has been watching upon students from deep within Aobayama but being happy about the anniversary of the university, Kenichi has stepped into a research laboratory for the first time. Calling upon a student to decide on a name, the student decided on “Kenichi” since the students value the importance of “Kenkyu-Daiichi” (research first). Gender is not classified and Kenichi is full of curiosity and is highly expressive. Kenichi loves the students of Tohoku University who work hard on everything. Kenichi’favorite song is the official student song of Tohoku University named “Aoba mo yuru, Kono michinoku”. Kenichi’s body is covered by negative ions and can feel nature and be refreshed by coming in contact with Kenichi. Keichi usually carries a modified bag that has originally been handed out at the university’s open campus.


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