FAQ for Prospective On-campus Nursery Users

What are the eligibility requirements for regular childcare?
My spouse is currently unemployed but plans to start working as soon as our child is accepted by a nursery. Can we apply?
I'm on childcare leave now. From when can my child enter?
Are enrollment applications taken throughout the year?
Can I visit the nursery to see what it’s like?
I’m a student without income. Can I have the nursery tuition waived?
Can I receive a discount on the nursery tuition if I have two children attending the nursery?
Do I need to pay a separate fee for meals and snacks?
Once a child is accepted to the nursery, is there a gradual entry period?
I’m expecting. Can I apply now or make a reservation?
Do siblings of enrolled children receive preferential treatment in the selection process?
How are meals prepared? Do you accommodate children with food allergies?
Can I bring breast milk?
Why are there cases where a child is not accepted to enroll at Aobayama Midori Nursery School, even though there is a vacancy in the class for children under 1 (‘0-year-old’ class)?

FAQ for New/Current On-campus Nursery Users

My spouse has left his/her job and is now seeking a new one. Can our child continue attending the nursery?
Do I need to pay tuition for any months in which my child does not attend at all due to some reason?
I’m expecting another child and plan to stay at my parents’ home (far from here) for several weeks before and after giving birth. Can I take my enrolled child out of daycare for three months to go with me?
Do I need to complete some sort of procedure to disenroll my child?
I’m expecting another child and I plan to take childcare leave after giving birth. Can my enrolled child continue attending the nursery during that leave?
Is tuition paid by electronic funds transfer?
Do I need to provide a futon/bedding set for nap time?
Can my child continue to be enrolled in the next academic year?

Temporary Childcare Service

Submit the Temporary Childcare Application to the General Affairs Division’s General Affairs and Planning Department (hoiku@grp.tohoku.ac.jp) at least one week in advance if you plan to use Kawauchi Keyaki Nursery school, or two weeks in advance for Aobayama Midori Nursery school. The coordinator will contact you after checking the nursery’s availability. If an emergency, please consult with the coordinator.

Please note that requests sometimes cannot be accommodated due to special events, limited staffing, or other circumstances.