Kawauchi Keyaki Nursery school

Kawauchi Keyaki Hoikuen opened in September 2005 to provide nursery services to children to Tohoku University employees and students.

Our Principles

Our Goals for Your Child
We teach your child the basic customs necessary for daily life, and develop in them a sense of self-reliance.
We instill in your child a sense of the importance of being healthy in mind and body.
We encourage your child to enjoy playing with their friends.
We develop in your child a sense of consideration for their own actions, and of the viewpoint of others.
Caring for Your Child
We meet the many needs of growing children, provide a relaxed atmosphere in a scrupulously maintained environment, and ensure your child’s physical and emotional wellbeing.
We develop in your child the fundamentals of emotional and physical health, teaching them the basic customs and behaviors which ensure their health and safety in their daily lives.
Educating Your Child
We strive to develop in your child a social and moral character, encompassing a willingness to cooperate, a sense of love and trust in people, and a respect for the rights of others.
We encourage your child to develop an interest and concern about nature and society, forming a caring and thoughtful consideration in your child for the world around them.
We present a wide variety of experiences for your child, elevating their sensibilities and arousing their creativity.

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