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01 Mission Statement
03 Aiming to Be a World-Leading University
News and Events in FY 2006
The Inoue Plan
05 Our Products are the Most Widely Used Drugs in the World
Discovering the Mechanism for Reducing Obesity and Diabetes
07 Nano-Machines Help Restore Functions to Partial Areas of the Eyes and Brain
Elucidating Moments of Insight into Ideas Through Science
09 An UltraHigh-Speed Optical Network is the Key to the Future of Information Communication
Elucidating the Mysteries of the Earth's Interior Under a Microscope
11 A New Creation in Education with "Self-Cultivation Seminars"
Creating a New Direction in the Future of Robotics at the Advanced Level of Human Haptic Sensation
13 Award Winners for 2006
15 Substantial Education Continues in Development
17 A Bright and Active Campus Life with Many Talented Friends
19 Providing Intellectual Resources Through University-Industry Cooperation
21 International Exchange Programs
23 Contributing to Society and Promoting a Gender-Equal Society
25 Tohoku University Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary
New Campus Plan
27 Divisional Major Achievements
29 Contacts
Location of Tohoku University
Data and Overview of Tohoku University