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【Notification of renovation work】
From 2018 (H30) November 12 to 2019 (H31) May 21st, we will renovate the hall. Please note that it is not possible to apply or visit the hall during the period.
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Concert_Hitoto Yo with Sendai Phil Members_Tohoku University Kawauchi Hagi Hall Classical Wave series
      Saturday, 27  October,  2018
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2018.   9. 12  topic
Cafe concert at Cafe Marzart Klee's coffee_ Tohoku University Mandolin Club
      Saturday, 20  October,  2018

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Stories of Kawauchi Past and Present (Kawauchi Konjaku Monogatari)
Exhibited by Archives of Thohoku University,Archaeological Research Office and Botanical Gardens.
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  • October:  9,  16,  23,  30


Concert_Hitoto Yo with Sendai Phil Members
Concert_Hitoto Yo with Sendai Phil Members
Saturday 27 October
17:00 start, 16:00 Open

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