Meet the Tohoku University Public Relations Mascot

Get to know Kenichi

Kenichi is a fairy who has been around since the founding of Tohoku University in 1907.

Kenichi usually watches over the students from deep in the forest in Aobayama, but when the university celebrated its 115th anniversary in 2022, Kenichi decided to come onto campus and join the happy students in the laboratory for the first time.

Kenichi is named after the university’s founding principle of putting “research first”.

Kenichi’s gender is not specified, but Kenichi has an inquisitive and highly expressive personality, and loves being around Tohoku University students, who have a reputation for studying hard.

Kenichi’s favorite song is Aoba Moyuru Kono Michinoku.

Kenichi has a bush clover (a symbol of Tohoku University) growing on its head, and its green body and bright face represent the university's clean air and surrounding nature.

Kenichi carries a school bag which contains a variety of social and scientific items, which can support the development of the university.

The Origins of Kenichi

The contest to find a Public Relations mascot was held as part of Tohoku University’s 115th anniversary activities.

Students, faculty and staff were invited to submit ideas and designs for an original character that reflects the image, characteristics and values of Tohoku University.

Kenichi was chosen after two rounds of voting, which included a ballot board at Homecoming Day for alumni and special guests.

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Official Kenichi LINE stamp

The first set of stamps Ja

2023.02.10 The first set of stamps is now available for purchase.


The second set of stamps En

2023.03.13 The second set of stamps is now available for purchase.


Let Kenichi help you


Kenichi’s image may be used on PR materials to promote Tohoku University.

If you wish to use Kenichi, please be sure to follow the guidelines.

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