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Facilities Summary

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2~4F Seating 1,235 2nd floor 668 Including 5 wheelchairs, Desk-chairs (263)
3rd floor 278
4th floor 205
Balcony seats 84
5F Interpretation Booths 6 booths 6 language capacity, no receivers


1F Anteroom 1A 22㎡ Can be divided into two rooms
Anteroom 1B 70㎡ Changing space included
Anteroom 1C 30㎡ Changing space included
Anteroom 1D 19㎡ Toilet included
Spare Room   ※First Aid Room
2F Anteroom 2A 10㎡  
Anteroom 2B 12㎡ Upright piano, shower, toilet included  


Stage Equipment Tiered Platform (Movable), Large Screen
Musical Instruments and Equipment Full concert piano (1) , Electone (1), Electric Pianos (2)
Lighting Equipment 1,000 scene memory function 40ch 2 level preset dimming desk, Thyristor Intelligent dimming system, 2kw xenon lamps (2), others
Audio Equipment Low audio feedback, high clarity array speaker, MONO20.ST6 input 16MTX.8 group.6AUX output digital mixer, others
Visual Equipment 10,000 lumen DLP projector (1)

Conference Room

2F Conference Room 1 65㎡

Each room has the capacity to hold 24 people in a school setting and 40 people in a theatre setting. If the barriers between the rooms are removed it can be changed into one large meeting room. School setting can hold 120 people and theatre setting can hold 150 people.

Conference Room 2 65㎡
Conference Room 3 65㎡


Projector(1), Mobile Projectors(2), Screen (1), Mobile Screens (2)

Executive Lounge

2F Executive Lounge 35㎡ VIP furniture(seats for 8) with table

Faculty Club

1F 110㎡


For 80 Vehicles

Total Site Area 57,139㎡
Total Floor Area 5,910㎡
Building Area 2,644㎡
Scale 5 stories
Completion Date August 31, 2008

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