Notification Regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations

Vaccine reception has been closed. (Updated August 30) Updated Sepbember 24

To all students, faculty and staff

Covid-19 vaccinations for Tohoku University students, faculty and staff will be carried out at the “Tohoku University (Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture) Vaccination Center” in line with government policy. If you wish to be vaccinated, please refer to “00_ How to Apply for the coronavirus vaccine” as well as the other relevant documents, and apply via the online reservation system.

The coupons (vaccination tickets) distributed by local government are not required for the vaccination program carried out at the “Tohoku University (Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture) Vaccination Center”, but you will need to submit your coupon at a later date, so be sure to keep yours safe.
In addition, as has already been announced, please be sure to bring the vaccination coupons distributed by your local government to the location where you are being vaccinated.
For information about vaccination coupons, please click here. (Updated on September 21)

It is not compulsory to receive the vaccination, as there are people who cannot be vaccinated due to their physical condition or pre-existing medical conditions (there exists a risk of adverse side effects after vaccination). It is up to each individual to decide whether or not they want to be vaccinated. Please take every care to ensure that those who do not wish to receive the vaccine are not discriminated against.

Please note that this vaccination is not compulsory, and there may be compelling reasons (such as certain health conditions) why someone is unable, or does not wish, to be vaccinated. All members of the university are reminded not to discriminate against anyone who is not vaccinated.

Those who may apply: Students, faculty and staff (i.e. those with a Tohoku University ID)

Period for vaccination:
Vaccine reception has been closed. (Updated August 30.)
To those who received only the first dose of the vaccine (added on September 24)
 The second vaccination period for university-based vaccinations will end on Thursday, September 30.
 If you wish to change the date of your appointment due to poor health, an injury, job hunting, regular examinations (only in cases where you have already checked with the faculty member in charge and you have not received approval to miss the examination), urgent official business, etc.., please contact Tohoku University Vaccination Center Management Office (JTB Support Counter) as soon as possible. If you do not know how to contact us, please ask the university's inquiry desk.  It is possible to change the reservation date until October 9.  There are no plans to set up a vaccination period other than this as a university-based vaccination, so if you wish to change the date of the second vaccination, please ensure that you receive the vaccination during this period.

We have reopened accepting applications. This is the last period.
Period for first vaccination: August 23 (Mon) – September 2 (Thu) (including weekends and national holidays)
Period for second vaccination: The second vaccinations will be carried out until Friday, September 30 (including weekends and national holidays).(updated on August 17) (*Note)

All reservations were filled on August 10, so we are no longer accepting reservations.(Updated on August 11)
August 6 (Fri) – August 20 (Fri) (including weekends and national holidays)
* Two doses are required. The second vaccinations will be carried out until September 17 (Fri).
* We will not be extending the vaccination period again, so please take advantage of this opportunity.(Updated on August 2)

July 17 (Sat) – August 5 (Thu) (including weekends and national holidays)
* Two doses are required. The second vaccinations will be carried out until September 2 (Thu).
(Updated on July 14)
June 21 (Mon) – July 16 (Fri) (including Saturdays and Sundays)
* Two doses are required. The second vaccinations will be carried out until August 13 (Fri).

Time: The time varies depending on the date. Please check the available time slots on the reservation system.
* Time slots for each date will be available for reservation via the reservation system as soon as arrangements with Miyagi Prefecture have been completed.
You can now make a reservation for the first vaccination on a date between July 4 and July 16. (Updated on June 21)
Our reservations for vaccinations are currently full. We will provide further information as soon as it is available.(Updated on July 1)

Location: Tohoku University (Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture) Vaccination Center
4th Floor, Yodobashi Camera Sendai 2nd Building (Tsutsujigaoka 1-2-13, Miyagino-ku, Sendai City) MAP

To apply for vaccination: Apply via the Tohoku University Coronavirus Vaccination Reservation System

* Please be sure to make your reservation by noon three days before the date on which you wish to be vaccinated.

* In line with advice from Miyagi Prefecture, the date and time of your second vaccination will be automatically reserved for the same day of the week and within the same time slot precisely four weeks after your first vaccination. Please take into account the date of your second vaccination when reserving your first vaccination.

*Note: Please note that those who wish to receive vaccinations after this final deadline will be required to apply directly to a medical institution or mass vaccination center run by their local government.

Vaccination coupons   Updated on September 21 

All vaccination coupons must be returned to the government. So:

  • If you have received your vaccination coupons, please submit them to the office of your department as soon as possible.
  • If you have received your coupons and have an upcoming appointment to be vaccinated, please bring your coupons to the vaccination center and submit them there.
  • If you have not received your coupons, please check that your official registered address is where you are currently living. If it’s not, please have someone at the registered address forward your coupons to you when they arrive. You should then submit the coupons to the office of your department as soon as possible.

In all cases, please make sure to write Tohoku University and the name of your department at the top right corner on the back side of the coupons. (See example) PDF

Side Effects Caused by Coronavirus Vaccines   Updated July 6

  • Side Effects Caused by Coronavirus Vaccines PDF
  • Miyagi COVID-19 Medical Consultation Center (for those who suspect they are experiencing side effects)
    Phone: 050-3615-6941 (Reception Hours: a.m. 8:45 to p.m. 5:15)
    E-mail: m-side-reaction* (please replace * to @)
    (Reception Hours: a.m. 8:45 to p.m. 5:15)

Information about Covid-19 vaccinations


* You will receive a notification of the schedule for your vaccination by email after you make a reservation.
* Please make sure that you bring the Prevaccination Screening Questionnaire (予診票) and the Record of vaccination (接種記録書).

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers about COVID-19 Vaccine (online)

Contact information

* Inquiries can be made on weekdays only. Please be sure to read the “Questions and Answers about COVID-19 Vaccine” before making an inquiry.

(For inquiries about student vaccinations)
 ducation and Student Support Department *A login is required.

(For inquiries about faculty and staff vaccinations)
 Vaccination Counseling Service
 Personnel Planning Department
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