Important Notice : Stop the Aobayama Shuttle Bus Service
To prevent the spread of the New Coronavirus(COVID-19) Infections,
Tohoku University Aobayama Shuttle Bus Service is stopped
for the time being from Martch 9, 2020.
Contact Property Management Division, Finance Department
Tel : 022-217-4920
e-mail :
# Service RouteWhen you click on the Bus Stop name, a detail of each Bus Stop will be displayed (PDF).
1)If the Campus Bus is full, you cannot get it on.
2)Lost and Found : Please call Support Planning Section, Student Services Division (Tel:022-795-7818).
3 microbuses:a 27-passenger microbus(For Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences・Aobayama Loop Bus・For Nishizawa Center)
       a 28-passenger microbus(For School of Engineering)
       a 28-passenger microbus(For School of Engineering・For Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

For School of Engineering
:Aobayama Station → School of Engineering(7:45〜9:58)
 School of Engineering → Aobayama Station(17:15〜18:56)
Aobayama Station(S1)School of Engineering CentralSchool of Engineering EastEarthquake Volcano Center
# Reference information
# Attention!!
For Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Scirnces
:Aobayama Station → Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science(7:50〜9:48)
 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science → Aobayama Station(17:30〜19:08)
Aobayama Station(S1)Aobayama Station(N1)School of Science NorthKita-Aobayama Commons
 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science
1)Tozai Subway / Aobayama Shuttle Bus Transfer Guide(Under Construction)
   School of Engineering  Faculty of Science, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Nishizawa Center
2)Sendai Tozai Subway Line Timetable
3)Sendai City Bus Timetable(Yagiyama-Aobadai Route)
   Aobayama syokubutuen nishi  Kogakubu cyuo  Kogakubu nishi  Aobayama  
4)Gakuto Sendai Free Pass for City Bus/Subway
Website of Transportation Bureau City of Sendai

Aobayama Loop Bus
:School of Engineering 〜 Aobayama Station 〜 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science
Earthquake Volcano CenterSchool of Engineering EastSchool of Engineering CentralAobayama Station(S1)
 Aobayama Station(N1)School of Science NorthKita-Aobayama Commons Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science

※Buses departing from the Aobayama Station N1 entrance / exit go to Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences only.
# Bus Stop Sample (PDF) : Please wait in line for a bus.
# Time Schedule (14th January 2020 to 31th March 2020: PDF) : Please see with the Calender.
You can see the enlarged map by clicking.
For Nishizawa Center
: Aobayama Station → Faculty of Agriculture → Nishizawa Center → Faculty of Agriculture → Aobayama Station
Aobayama Station(S1)Faculty of AgricultureNishizawa Center

# Vehicles
# Calendar (1st April 2019 to 31th March 2020: PDF)