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# Calendar (3rd October 2016 to 31st March 2017: PDF)
# Vehicles
3 microbusesFa 28-passenger microbusiFor School of Engineering and Aobayama Loop Busj
@@@@@@@@@a 28-passenger microbusiFor Faculty Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciencesj
@@@@@@@@@a 28-passenger microbusiFor School of Engineering and For Faculty Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciencesj
Aobayama Loop Bus
For Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Scirnces
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F School of Engineering East@`@Aobayama Station@`@School of Pharmaceutical Science
i School of Engineering EastE School of Engineering CentralE Aobayama StationiS1jE
@Aobayama StationiN1jEKita-Aobayama Commons E School of Pharmaceutical Science j
@Buses departing from the Aobayama Station N1 entrance / exit go to the Schools of Science and Pharmaceutical Sciences only.
Aobayama Shuttle Bus runs from 3rd October 2016 to 31st March 2017.
Aobayama Shuttle Bus is the free shuttle bus service for Tohoku University students and staffs/visitors.
Students and Staffs can use buses to go to school/home and to get around Aobayama Campus.
Click here for the Campus Bus website.
# Bus Stop Sample (PDF) : Please wait in line for a bus.
# Service Period
Weekdays of 3rd October 2016 - 31st March 2017
# Attention!!
F Aobayama Station@@Nishizawa Center@@Aobayama Stationi13:21`13:35j
i Aobayama StationiS1jE Nishizawa Center j

Contact : Property Management Division, Finance Department
Tel : 022-217-4920
e-mail : syukusya@grp.tohoku.ac.jp
Aobayama Loop Bus
For School of Engineering
F Aobayama Station@@School of Engineering Easti7:45`9:58j
@School of Engineering East@@Aobayama Stationi17:15`18:51j
i Aobayama StationiS1jE School of Engineering Central E School of Engineering East j
1jTozai Subway / Aobayama Shuttle Bus Transfer Guide
@@@School of Engineering@@Faculty of Science, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2jSendai Tozai Subway Line Timetable
3jSendai City Bus TimetableiYagiyama-Aobadai Routej
@@@Aobayama syokubutuen nishi@@Kogakubu cyuo@@Kogakubu nishi@@Aobayama@@
4jGakuto Sendai Free Pass for City Bus/Subway
@@@Website of Transportation Bureau City of Sendai@http://www.kotsu.city.sendai.jp/
# Reference information
#NoticeiimportantjFAobayama Shuttle Bus Service during the 1st Semester, 2017.@@Transferguide

#Service StatusFBuses are currently running on time.ian announcement will be made if buses
@@@@@@@@@@@ are delayed or canceled due to mechanical failure etc.j
# Time Schedule (3rd October 2016 to 31st March 2017: PDF) : Please see with the Calender.
F Aobayama Station@@School of Pharmaceutical Sciencei7:50`9:41j
@School of Pharmaceutical Science@@Aobayama Stationi17:30`19:01j
i Aobayama StationiS1jEAobayama StationiN1jE Kita-Aobayama CommonsE School of Pharmaceutical Science j
# Service Route
1) If the Campus Bus is full, you cannot get it on.
2) Lost and Found : Please call Support Planning Section, Student Services Division (Tel:022-795-7818).