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Vegetarians: Ability for All to Eat on Campus

There is a sizable vegetarian student presence at Tohoku University, mostly amongst the international student community, which is growing as the university seeks to increase the number of international students. Presently, there are few or often no vegetarian options in many or most of the dining halls, restaurants and even conbinis on campus. This makes it hard for us as there are times or days where we cannot eat on campus. It feels as if the school chooses to simply ignore the needs of a minority group within their students. It is also quite embarrassing to go to a school restaurant with friends or lab mates, and after being (at times rudely) told that there are no vegetarian options, to have little to no choices and force people to change plans. Aobayama in particular does not even have any private restaurants that could serve as a vegetarian alternative that perhaps Seiryo and Katahira do. Komorebi cafe is perhaps the closest thing to an assured meal that any cafeteria has but it is singular in that regard. It would be nice for us in this community to know that we can always find a complete and nutritious meal on campus. I have resorted to bringing my own food everyday now, and I manage, but it would be nice to know that the school cares enough to make sure all of its students can eat.



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【Education and Student Support Department, Student Services Division】
Thank you for your feedback.
We forwarded your comments to the Tohoku University Co-operative Association, which operates the dining halls on all the campuses, and received the following reply.

(From Tohoku University Co-op Dining Services)
The Tohoku University Co-op is currently making efforts to improve its vegetarian, including vegan, and halal dining options.
We have already begun to offer vegetarian items on a trial basis at the Seiryo Co-op Restaurant and Aoba Dining. These will roll out to all campuses during the 2020 school year.
In 2020, we also plan to improve vegetarian options for the self-serve foods sold by weight at Aoba Dining, Kitchen Terrace Couleur, Kawauchi Co-op Restaurant, and Aobayama Co-op Restaurant.
We thank you for your patience during our ongoing efforts to better meet student needs.



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